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MWV Under the Lights

September 10th, 2022
The Mount Washington Valley Soccer Club is hosting "MWV Under The Lights" 3v3 Tournament at Kennett High School on Saturday September 10th, 2022.

We are excited for our annual 3v3 tournament at Kennett High School hosted by the KHS Boys Soccer team.  See the teams and schedule below.  Blue and White teams will use MWVSC pinnies.  All other colored pinnies should be picked up at the registration table. 

If your child is not on a team, then please talk to Jen Kebler at the registration table.  We can add players to current teams.  


Each game will be 24 minutes long with a 2 minute halftime.  Teams will switch fields at half time.  Click here for other 3v3 rules of the game. The whistle will blow every hour and new teams will take the field immediately.  Depending upon how tired the players are we may cancel playoff games.  Many teams have multiple league games this weekend.  Good Luck!  


There will be baked goods for sale to benefit KHS Boys soccer program.  Please bring cash to purchase baked good and support the team. 


Grades 1&2 Coed

Team 1 - Blue

Sophia Z

Carter S

Weston G

Cowan C

K: Jackson Burke

Team 2- White/Shirts

Lyllyan Z

Jackson S

John L

K: William Badger

Team 3 - Red

Camden T

Aksel B

Silas LM

K:Micah White

Team - Yellow

Callum P

Tait W

Chase LH

Teddy W

K: Robbie Murphy

Grades 3&4 Coed

Team 1 -Blue

Ave Clanton

Hattie Hammill

Luke Stowe

Finley Hembree

Brock Theberge

K: Evan Cicero

Team 2 - White/Shirts

Zinnia Weindling

Madilynn putnam

Sawyer Leclerc-Marshall

Kingston H

Calvin Fougere

K: Gabe Freedman

Team 3 - Green

Violet Nutting

Chloe Laine

Max Strange

Nolan Bailey

Holly Pierce

K: Jack Heysler

Team 4 - Yellow

Belle Robert

Jillian Boewe

Jarrod Renaud

Jude Clanton

Xander Kuptez

K: Cole Mccalister

Grades 5&6 Girls

Team 1 - Blue

Ryleigh Stearns

Jordan Palestrant

Emma Baker

Siena Astrauskas

K: Owen Lebel

Team 2 - White/Shirts

Eden Piper Beauchesne

Sejal Kenney

Annabelle Campbell

Leilani Eling

K: Sebastian Brochu

Team 3 -Red

Ava Weindling

Keira Innes

Ashlyn Wydra

K: Cyrus Robinson

Grades 5&6 Boys

Team 1 -Red

Ben Landry

John DellaValla

Gus Lamneck

K: Jackson Burke

Team 2 - White/shirts

John Schuft


Brigham Killourie

K: William Badger

Team 3 - Green

Eamon McAlary

Abraham Kelsch

Charlie Murphy

Peter Priestman

K: Micah White

Team 4-Yellow

Cullen Day


Zac Simmons

Evan Landers

K: Robbie Murphy

Grades 7&8 Girls

Team 1 - Blue

Letty Zipf

Ellie Proulx

Hazel Schuft

K: Owen Lebel

Team 2 - White/Shirts

Bailey Robert

Adelyn McAllister

Lily Bradbury

Leighton Theberge

K: Sebastian Brochu

Team 3 - Green

Brooklyn Gagné

Lillian Killourie

Summer Laine

K: Cyrus Robinson

Grades 7&8 Boys

Team 1 - Blue

Mason McAllister

Patrick Murphy

Tommy Calderwood

Tyler curry

K: Evan Cicero

Team 2 - White/Shirts

Trent Roden

Owen Zipf

Hunter Roberts

Asa Dickinson

K: Gabe Freedman

Team 3 - Yellow

Nikolai vishnyakov

Eli Sawyer

Jaxon V

K: Jack Heysler

Team 4 - Green

Andrew Albert

Patrick Murphy

Colten Curry

Dylan Lebel

K: Cole Mccalister


If you have trouble viewing the schedule below, click this button for a Google Sheets version.

Field A
Field B
Field C
Field D
Field E

MWVSC strongly believes financial hardship should not prevent players from participating in the club programs. Player/Parents are encouraged to speak confidentially with a club board member, or Kelly Gagnon. The club will work to determine a mutually beneficial solution. You can also apply for the Rocco Foundation Scholarship by clicking below.

For anything else, make sure to visit our FAQ's page where we will try to provide answers to the most frequent questions.

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