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Ball on Grass


Reasons to be a referee

  • it supports youth soccer and the development of young athletes

  • you stay active in a game you love

  • games don't happen without referees

  • you make money!

  • earn free player registration and referee course reimbursement from MWVSC (see below)

Refereeing is a great fit for

  • parents, grandparents and guardians of youth players

  • highs school players and former players

  • college players and former players

  • retirees

  • anybody who likes soccer and wants to support their community's young players



We value referees!  Without them, our games don't happen. We've created incentives for club members who take the referee course and commit to refereeing a minimum amount of games per season. These include:

  • referee course reimbursement upon refereeing 2 games in a season

  • referee course reimbursement AND free travel player registration for the following season upon refereeing 4 games in a season

  • referee course reimbursement, free travel player registration for the following season, AND free player uniform for refereeing 6 games in a season

Sign up for a referee course with NH Soccer

Questions? Email us!

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