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Player Stories

For many years, the MWV Soccer Club has practiced and promoted a player centered culture. We are a special Club that develops players as people and our valley communities character seems to be naturally infused into what we do. This approach may never have been formally written or acknowledge, but the proof is in what former players say about their Club.

Our coaches, both licensed and volunteer has worked for over 25 years honorably serving our community from their heart to develop a deeply meaningful culture of soccer that cares about the person.  This Club has with graceful authentic humility looked to create a wide range of successful programs for all age groups.

As our Club continues to grow and evolve to serve our players and families, it is time we proudly embrace the attributes and wonderful character that is part of the Valley’s soccer culture.  

The United Soccer Coaches has presented “The Pledge” at this year’s Convention, which aligns beautifully with MWV’s culture, traditions, and goals.  If frames the vitally important reasons “Why” the Club exists.

Dana Levine
Dana Levine
I really enjoyed the aspect of getting the privilege to play with girls from multiple different parts of the valley. It was a chance to form new friendships as well as getting to combine all our different skills we learned from our high school soccer teams.
Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson
Every coach I've had for MWV has been phenomenal, giving you as much one on one time as you need. At the end of the day everyone involved in the club is there to help you become a better player, and that's what means the most to me.
Wilder Byrne
I always felt like everyone in the club was so supportive of me and my success and I really appreciated that when I was going through the most transformative years in my life.
Will Synnott
Being a member of a team taught me so much about interpersonal dynamics, leadership, and responsibility...I definitely wouldn’t be the soccer player or the person I am today without MWV soccer and I wish I could still play.



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Ryan Burke
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