Mount Washington Valley Soccer Club

Director of Coaching Bulletins

Nov 20, 2018


Mount Washington Valley Soccer Club

November 2018

Thoughts from the Technical Director



What a great time to pause and reflect on another wonderful year of soccer. The cold weather and shortened days force us inside into our comfy chairs where we sip our hot chocolate or tea or coffee.  Just like in the beautiful game, those moments of pause can reveal the intricacies and nuances of the competition (or life).  It is in those important spaces and moments of silence that offer balance in a song between the words and music. It is the same for soccer.  It is those spaces on the field which give us time to think about what to do next. How great to be aware and appreciate it all. There are many who support the Mount Washington Valley Soccer Club and our soccer community that we need to say:  Thanks for giving!

 It seems so long ago, but this was a World Cup year where France triumphed Croatia in the finals.  Many felt the tournament was one of the most exciting in cup history.  How about Mbappe and Modric!

Let's be thankful for our wonderful coaches and volunteers that are the heartbeat of our programs. Hours of time, full of frustration, anxiety, joy, accomplishment, fatigue and passion.  Coaches and volunteers...'Thanks for giving" of your time and talents.  A number of our teams went on to the finals and won.  Other teams were formed for the first time and were led by great teachers (coaches).  All teams enjoyed progress in their development and understanding of the game. 

We are most thankful to all the players.  They have shown tremendous effort and commitment to the game at each level.  Your spirit and joy is contagious.  We are thankful for your abilities and willingness to learn.  Thanks for showing us each day why we want to be around this beautiful game.

Our weekend programs for our younger soccer players continue to attract new players and families. Sunday soccer, Fall Academy, or Pug-a-Palooza offer such wonderful environments to just play with the ball.  How fantastic to see kids giving it a go and being introduced to soccer.  Hopefully a life-long love of the game has been planted.

Our first indoor Futsal program was very successful from elementary level players to adults.  It is awesome to see the game stretch thru the generations where one can witness the same laughter, joy and smiles on a 40 year old player as on a 6 year old.  Our youth never leaves us! Thanks for that.

Our ODP-North program continues to evolve where we saw a core group of hard core soccer players participate.  A bunch were recommended to the next level and have since gone south to play with the larger pool of candidates for the State team.

Valley Cup saw repeated success in its leadership, organization, and number of rec team participants.  So many people and organizations behind the scenes and out in front help to make it a successful event.  We are truly thankful for the extraordinary giving that happens each October.

This pause or lull in our soccer life offers a deserved respite. It also gives us a chance to continue to practice being a life-long learner.  Take a few moments and find a coaching course on line.  Get a good coaching book to read.  Watch some professional games on TV or your laptop.  Be thankful there are so many great resources at our fingertips to help us as coaches become better teachers and students of the game.

Finally, we give thanks to this awesome soccer community.  We are forever grateful to your care and commitment and continued support for our beautiful game.


Love the game!

David Hart

Technical Director