Mount Washington Valley Soccer Club

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Feb 1, 2017

The 5 C's

Technical Director Bulletin No. 3
“The 5C’s"

The 5C’s as defined by authors Chris Harwood and Richard Anderson are Commitment, Communication, Concentration, Self-Control and Confidence. Their book, Coaching Psychological Skills in Youth Football highlights what much of the soccer world is recognizing as an area of real importance; that being the mental side of the game. We coaches typically do OK in the technical, tactical, and physical side of the game, but may not be as purposeful in the psychosocial arena. The psychology of a player is developing the mental “toughness” but also mindfulness, mental health, high self-worth and social skills. And you just thought we had to improve a player’s first touch!

See if you can begin to pay attention to and actual plan moments in your training sessions where you might be able to positively teach and effect the 5C’s.

Commitment: Teach players what a highly motivated player or team looks like. Are the players giving a consistent effort? Do they have a desire to simply learn? Are they inspiring high quality preparation? Give one player the responsibility to check the “sweat-o-meter” – (individual or team effort). Do we need to turn the knob up? Pause and check in with players during the session.

Communication: How can you promote positive talk between players? Is there a quality of sending and receiving information? Are the players respectful in their talk? Can they develop meaningful verbal and non-verbal skills? Have players congratulate each other after each training session.

Concentration: How do you teach the players to focus on the right things? Can they see a task thru to completion? Do players remain focused under the perceived stress of a game? Create an environment that gives the player the feeling of being down 1-0 with 9 minutes to go…can they score to tie or win?

Self-Control: Provide tools players can use to control their thoughts and emotions. Can you teach them how to manage behavior with a bad call or performance? Can they manage mental and emotional energy of themselves, the fans, or teammates? Teach the players breathing techniques before and during the game which will help them refocus and maintain control.

Confidence: Can you promote self-belief? Is a player willing to take the risk to learn and fail until they master understanding of a skill or concept? Do they have a growth mindset? Do they consistently maintain good body language during training and a game? With guidance, have the player come up with positive self-talk words they can go to during moments in a game when things don’t go their way.

Coaches are in a unique position to create an environment and climate that can impact and grow these characteristics in the player. These aspects of a youth player are vital in the success of the player’s development in the game, but also can be valuable life-long skills. There so much more information available and I would be happy to help implement these ideas into your training sessions. Be creative in reinforcing the 5C’s into our Club culture!

If you have any questions you can always email me at

Love the game!

David Hart
Technical Director