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Dana Levine

Dana Levine

“I loved playing for MWV soccer for multiple reasons. I really enjoyed the aspect of getting the privilege to play with girls from multiple different parts of the valley. It was a chance to form new friendships as well as getting to combine all our different skills we learned from our high school soccer teams. You get used to playing with the same people so it was nice to play with new people that were playing at a different skill level.”

“Throughout my entire childhood playing sports had always been my "happy place." I look back on playing with MWV and value not only the time I was able to spend practicing and playing in games but the memories I created laughing and having fun with my teammates. I also cherish the relationship I formed with the coach. He was the best soccer coach I have ever had to this day. He was experienced, cared about his players, and lead us to winning a state championship.”

“Being a part of the MWV soccer team helped me develop a lot as a young women and athlete. Being on this team I was able to become more confident with my soccer skills. Being surrounded by incredible young athletes helped me do this.  This team was full of young women that were passionate about soccer, and had different skills than what I was used to playing with. I played in positions that I had never played before and ended up being able to score my first soccer goals. Being on this team also helped bring out my self-confidence. I was comfortable with the girls I was playing with, and I had no problem in being myself.”

“If I could go back in time and play on the MVW soccer team again, I would have done it by now! I played up until I hit the age requirement at 19. I loved playing on this team and I highly recommend any young athlete to take advantage of this great experience.”

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U11 Girls and U14 Boys are WINNERS!

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u11 boys in the finals



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