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It wasn't just about soccer, it was about having a memorable weekend with your friends.     player stories...
Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson

“I've had the honor of being a part of MWVSC since I have been in elementary school. I can remember my first days playing in the Capital Cup every fall. One reason I kept coming back year after year was the people. I couldn't imagine playing with anyone else but my teammates I'd been playing with since day one.”

“Every coach I've had for MWV has been phenomenal, giving you as much one on one time as you need. At the end of the day everyone involved in the club is there to help you become a better player, and that's what means the most to me.”

“I've had many memories with the club that I don't think will ever leave me. Some of the best experience for me were the tournaments that we would go to every year like that Capital Cup, and the Amherst Memorial Day Tournament. It was usually one of if not the last event of the year, so it was at a time when we were playing our best soccer, and we just left it all out there. And it wasn't just about soccer, it was about having a memorable weekend with your friends. It seemed like every year we were neck and neck with the best teams out there. Those are the experiences I'm never going to forget. “

“The MWVSC is a one of a kind organization. It seems like everyone in the club regardless of what age is involved, it doesn't matter what age group you are, you're just as involved as everyone else. I think the thing that helped me as a person was growing up, and watching all these big high schoolers player soccer wishing I could be them. I would grow up watching guys like Donovan Spaulding, and Dominic Lentini, and just from watching those guys, it helped me compete every day to try and be the best.”

“One other aspect of the MWVSC that helped me as a young athlete was the coaching. Every year I had incredible coaching, not only did they develop me into the soccer player I am today, but they turned me into the man I am today. It wasn't always strictly about soccer, they were there all the time if you needed anything. I wouldn't have wanted to be a part of any other club, I'm thankful to have been a part of MWVSC for my entire childhood, and young adulthood.”

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u11 boys in the finals



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